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In today's challenging financial world, employees are increasingly looking to their employers to help them make better financial decisions and prepare for retirement.  One of the most valuable benefits you can provide as an employer is sound financial education.

PCRG Financial Education Resource is comprised of advisers that specialize in delivering interactive presentations designed specifically for employee groups; they work well as "Lunch-and-Learn" workshops.  Each workshop lasts no longer than an hour and are customized to accommodate employee interest and scheduling.  Full color workbooks are provided to all participants.


  • Business Continuation Planning
  • College Planning
  • Financial Planning Basics
  • Introduction to Annuities
  • Investment Basics
  • Planning for Long Term Care
  • Retirement Basics
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Roth IRA Conversions
  • Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan
  • Estate Planning Basics
  • Estate Planning Advanced
  • Social Security